Data Privacy

Data privacy, data protection, and managing data risk are amongst the most complex areas of modern law. New regulations are being introduced, regulators and agencies are more active, and compliance obligations, and penalties for any lapse, are increasing.

Technological advances, such as cloud-based systems, are playing a part in driving the pace of change. ‘Big data’ and data analytics have become regular topics of public debate. 


Organisations are introducing global data privacy and security programs. This includes regular audit and risk assessments and launching global frameworks to govern data transfers. Monitoring regulatory developments, and updating internal controls, in multiple jurisdictions around the world are proving a challenge. 


Our team has been advising organisations in Singapore, and offshore, on the local data privacy obligations since the legislation was first introduced. The team continues to advise these clients on legislative changes and implement data protection policies for staff and third parties. Members of the team have developed specific expertise in the obligations multi-national organisations face when transferring data to other jurisdictions.

Key experience

Advised a US based financial services company on an anti-fraud product involving processing and transfer of data involving five European jurisdictions with Singapore as the hub for Southeast Asia.

Conducted data privacy audits on Asia-based MNCs to faciliate management reports on the adequacy of their internal policies and working with them to improve their processes.


Advised clients in the financial sector on their employee handbooks and their policies on information security, employee data, cyber security policy and overseas transfer of personal data.


Advised the world’s largest social media company on updates to their global data privacy policy to align with GDPR requirements.


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